Devindha & Sidhara // 29.12.16

Sidhara is a good friend of ours who we have known for some years so on the 29th December we woke up with anticipation and excitement.

When we arrived at the Hilton Hotel Sidhara was chilling as some of her bridesmaids were beginning to get ready. She had stayed there over night with good friends from back in Sri Lanka where both her and Dev are from. 

Dev's sister was not only a bridesmaid but also make up artist for the morning and did a great job one by one getting the girls ready. 

Whilst leaving the girls to it I (Daniel) headed over to Dev's apartment to take some shots. I was welcomed with a beer and all were sat around enjoying their morning. The boys were soon suited and booted with the help of each other. Dev's groomsmen helped fix him up and off they went to church.

Meanwhile Crystal came to glam up the bride and did a fantastic job too. By the time I got back the other bridesmaids had arrived full of excitement to see the glowing bride. Sidhara popped a bottle of champagne (for the first time) and they enjoyed some drinks together.

Sidhara's mum and dad who had flown from Sri Lanka to Nottingham for the wedding arrived. We took some snaps of Sidhara and her maids on the bed and her dad cheekily took Sidhara's place for a shot with the girls!

What a beautiful moment it was to watch Sidhara's mum sew her into her dress which had been handmade back home. Adorned with head jewellery and some glitzy heels she was ready.

Sidhara was sure that she wanted to be a bride on time so was keen to leave early and so the bridal party arrived with good time.

The church was beautifully decorated with wintery twigs, fairy lights, candles and had a winter feel to it. The room was full of people chatting with smiles and then began the service.

Lead by some handsome page boys holding signs the bride walked down her aisle. Dev looked utterly stunned when he saw his bride. The two were previously legally married back home but this wedding ceremony was what meant most to them as they were to be wed before God.

After the ceremony all guests walked across to the church cafe where a long table was full of breads, cheeses and meats. A photobooth got guests busy and a ladder adorned with cakes and a chest of drawers used as a pick n mix for popcorn got guests eating! 

This part of the day was special particularly to Sidhara as she was saying goodbye to so many friends from Nottingham as after the wedding the couple were going to live in Australia. People were both delighted for her yet upset to say bye.

Next the bridal party headed into the market square for a fun photography session! We used Nottingham's winter wonderland as our setting where we were welcomed by the managers who bought the bridal party drinks. We said cheers to the bride and groom and snapped away.

Whilst the bridesmaids and groomsmen drove to the reception venue we managed to sneak a little getaway time for the newlyweds and took them to The Park in town with vintage lampposts and fog. We really enjoyed getting these photos and love the way they turned out. 

Finally at the venue we shot some family and friends photos in front of a huge Christmas tree. 

What a stunning winter wedding this was, we are so happy for Sidhara and are missing her already but know that she is well looked after and plans to come home to Nottingham in the future. 

daniel gregory